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This plugin is for opening and processing results from LaharFlow

This plugin opens and processes results from LaharFlow. LaharFlow is a numerical shallow-layer model of lahars on topography, with morphodynamics and a concentration-dependent drag function. LaharFlow outputs georeferenced netcdf files that can be opened as raster layers in QGIS. This plugin performs some common styling to this data.

Version Experimental Minimum QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
0.1.5 yes 3.0.0 90 markwoodhouse 2023-08-07T15:29:40.831885+00:00
0.1.4 yes 3.0.0 39 markwoodhouse 2023-07-12T09:18:03.124490+00:00
0.1.3 yes 3.0.0 46 markwoodhouse 2023-06-30T10:07:30.067543+00:00
0.1.2 yes 3.0.0 36 markwoodhouse 2023-06-28T16:04:42.073140+00:00
0.1.1 yes 3.0.0 38 markwoodhouse 2023-06-21T08:30:16.952078+00:00
0.1 yes 3.0.0 22 markwoodhouse 2023-06-20T20:22:59.591842+00:00

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