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Fetch coordinates for Norwegian addresses using the Kartverket open adress-API

This plugin is fetching coordinates from the Norwegian Mapping authority's adress-api at The text entered will be used for a free-text search over nearly all information on an address. Letter case does not matter.

Use * or ? as wildcharts. E.g. Parkve?en vill search for all addresses in Parkveien or Parkvegen. Park* will search for all addresses starting with Park.

The API will not return more than 10000 items. If this limits is reached, a warning will be shown. In case bigger datasets are needed, they can be downloaded from

The data that are returned will be stored in a new dataset for each query. These data sets are QGIS temporary memory layers and will be deleted when exiting QGIS. To store a data set, press the IC icon to the right of the name and select where to store it and in which format.

The plugin will be found under the Web menu in QGIS.

This plugin is neither made by nor endorsed by the Norwegian Mapping Authority.

Morten Sickel
web address geocoder norway kartverket api
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0.1 yes 3.0.0 3.99.0 129 mortensickel 2023-01-06T12:51:41.543972+00:00

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