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KICa, is QGIS plugin Kan Imagery Catalog, developed by Kan Territory & IT
to consult availability of images in an area in an agnostic way,
having as main objective to solve the need and not to focus on suppliers.
In the beginning, satellite imagery providers (free and commercial) are incorporated,
but it is planned to incorporate drone imagery among others.

KICa - QGIS Kan Imagery Catalog Plugin, developed to query the availability of imagery
in an area in an agnostic way, focused on geospatial analysis.

KAN Territory & IT
rasterlandsatimagesentinelspotsatellite imageryremote sensorup42
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0.3.0 no 3.22.0 3.99.0 350 aanthieni 2023-12-01T18:53:34.679507+00:00
0.2 no 3.22.0 3.99.0 360 aanthieni 2023-11-06T16:05:01.842830+00:00
0.1.6 yes 3.22.0 3.99.0 179 aanthieni 2023-11-05T16:52:37.093141+00:00
0.1.4 yes 3.22.0 3.99.0 121 aanthieni 2023-11-02T20:23:03.143076+00:00

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