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A QGIS 2.6 plugin to track camera of user , AND/OR to autocommit/refresh edit on PostGIS vector layer

# About #
This plugin has 2 components that can be activated/desactivated configured trough the GUI.
Detailed user doc :

#Features #

* First feature is to __track camera position__ of the user.
- Each time the user move the camera, it is _saved_ in a vector layer along with user_id and current time.
If a user is editing something, it allows him to know _where_ the edit was already done.

- If the vector layer is a PostGIS layer, _multiple users_ can simultaneously edit the layer, so that each user knows where the other user are editing, and have been editing.

* The second feature only acts on __PostGIS vector layer__.
- When a selected PostGIS vector layer is edited, the edition is __immediatly saved__ and send to the database, and the screen is __refreshed__.
- This allows to work with PostGIS layers that use __triggers to recompute geometry__ on the fly.

Version Experimental Min QGIS version Max QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
2.0.0 no 2.6.0 2.99.0 7146 remic 2015-12-03T13:41:57.964962+00:00

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