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A plugin to visualize 4D geospatial data, to aid groundwater modellers

This plugin aids exploring 4D geospatial data and links to the iMOD 3D viewer.
It is part of a larger software suite, named "iMOD Suite" (see homepage).
Mesh data can be used to store data with a time, z, y, and x dimension.
Currently the z-dimension is only scarcely supported by MDAL.
Therefore, for each vertical layer, we require a mesh dataset with the
following variables:

- "{var}_layer_{nr}"
- "top_layer_{nr}"
- "bottom_layer_{nr}"

An example of preparing such a dataset in python is found here:
We expect to make this less specific in the future.

timegeologytime seriesnetcdf3dgroundwatertimeseriescross sectionmodflowugrid
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