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Version: [1880] Guided Offline Editing 0.8.2 Experimental

Version 0.8.2 - Bugfix
* Bugfix: OSError on Windows when project has PostgreSQL layers,
* bugfix: Projects cannot be opened under Linux when they have been saved under
Windows because of backslashes in layer paths,
* Bugfix: duplicated menus created on plugin upgrade,
* Bugfix: projects list and offline layers list are not read-only.
Version 0.8.1 - Bugfix
* Bugfix: OSError when project has virtual layers
Version 0.8
* Projects are now sorted alphabetically,
* Bugfix: "Prepare" action is disabled when blank project is created,
* bugfix: GeoPackage layers do not get :gisdatahome: prefix when preparing
Version 0.7
* Enable or disable `Prepare` action in menu depending on current project state.
This action is used to replace local layer paths with `:gisdatahome:` prefix so
that these layers can be opened on any installation where the `gis_data_home`
global variable is set. The `Prepare` action is enabled if current project is
saved into PostgreSQL, and disabled if not,
* Show current username so that user can see if she uses the right QGIS
Version 0.6
* Truely allow mixing Postigs and local layers in a project saved into
PostgreSQL. This comes at a cost: project must be saved using a specific action
that will rewrite all local paths with a :gisdatahome: prefix,
* Allow to configure multiple databases. Each database will have its own menu
entry under the "Guided Editing" menu,
* Improved logging and user feedback,
* Zoom on project extent after loading,
* Load project from PostgreSQL after synchronizing offline project (do not keep
offline project open),
* bugfix: download extent not in correct projection,
* bugfix: remove code that was only Python 3.8 compatible,
Version 0.5
* Allow not to download project and directly edit in PostgreSQL/Postgis,
* When project is downloaded offline, enforce to save it in `gis_data_home`
folder, and compute filename from project name in PostgreSQL. Thus do not ask
anymore user to select destination file. `gis_data_home` must be a QGIS global
variable referencing a valid folder. The reason for this is to allow local
filesystem layers in shared projects saved in PostgreSQL. Consequently, eash
user must have the same folder tree and the same common layers inside
`gis_data_home` folder,
* Before converting offline a project, if it is already loaded in QGIS, do not
load it again from PostgreSQL,
* bugfix: error when destination GeoPackage does not exists prior to converting
the project offline,
Version 0.3 - First public release
* Read config from QgsSettings (that is in QGIS INI file)
Feb. 29, 2020, 9:47 a.m.
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