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Version: [146] GHydraulics 2.1.6

2014-01-15  GHydraulics 2.1.6:
New function to run EPANET simulations
Reintegrated the economic diameter calculation
Some functions use the Undo history
Fixed all known bugs
2013-10-27  GHydraulics 2.1.4:
INP file writing bug fix
2013-09-26  GHydraulics 2.1.3:
Support for QGIS 2.0, project reprojection support
2013-08-11  GHydraulics 2.1.2:
Pipe length is calculated via UTM reprojection (if necessary)
Robustness and usability improvements
Optional backdrop map support
Added "New Project" and "Sample Darcy-Weisbach, metric" to menu
2013-07-29  GHydraulics 2.1.1:
New option to calculate pipe length, bug fixes
2013-03-29  GHydraulics 2.1.0:
Checks and fixes for duplicate ids, missing junctions and
multipart shapes
2013-02-23  GHydraulics 2.0.9:
Fixed valve writing bug, started with "Check Model"
2013-01-20  GHydraulics 2.0.8:
Make EPANET model function, fills NODE1 and NODE2 of Line tables
2012-06-26  GHydraulics 2.0.7:
Improved error messages, new D-W CMD template,
new sample data
2012-06-13  GHydraulics 2.0.6:
Added metadata.txt, updated package
2012-06-13  GHydraulics 2.0.5:
Write EPANET Inp file writes all network elements
2012-01-20  GHydraulics 2.0.4:
Write EPANET Inp file writes Junctions
2011-12-12  GHydraulics 2.0.3:
Renamed project to Ghydraulics
2009-04-11  GHydraulic 2.0.2:
Maintenance release that fixes problems with
QT versions > 3, Mac OS X
2009-01-29  GHydraulic 2.0.1:
Maintenance release for QGIS 1.0
2007-10-28  GHydraulic 2.0.0:
Initial release of the plugin
Jan. 15, 2014, 5:40 a.m.
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