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Flood Defense: the Toolkit Method.

Plugin for the Defense urban city from fludding
The Flood Defense Toolkit Method (FDTM) is a planning
instrument aimed at providing a general evaluation of the
feasibility of a protection strategy against flooding for an
urban area. Such strategy may include different kinds of
technical and technological solutions and their mutual
combinations which are site specific.
It has been developed as a QGIS plugin. It is based on a
limited set of easily available data (DTM, buildings and
streets map, land use, flooding map, etc.) and it guides the
user through the design of protected areas and perimeters to
which different kind of technical solutions can be assigned.
The plugin includes also a set of elements for a preliminary
evaluation of rainwater management within the protected
areas and perimeters.
All the data are collected and ordered within a single
project file which can be used as a base for a collaborative
design process.
The plugin allows to print a report containing a key-map and
tables with project data which can be used to easily compare
different intervention strategies.
At the moment the manual is in italian. English version will
be available soon.
In stand-alone versions of QGIS 2.18 for the Windows
application system, the file named ""
is not copied to the correct path of python. If the fdtm
plugin does not find this file, an error will occur. To
fix the problem, simply copy the ""
file into the folder:
[installation folder of QGIS]\apps\python27\lib\site-
The file "" is delivered together with
the folder containing the fdtm plug-in installation library.

Thetis S.p.A.
floodingprotectionurban area
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