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The plugin was created to quickly fill in the fields in the attribute table.

It allows you to specify a layer, a field in its attribute table and fill all selected objects with a preset value.

For example, this plugin may be useful:

1. If you check the results of the neural network by dividing selected objects into two classes: correctly selected objects (True), falsely selected objects (False).
2. If you classify thermal spots detected by remote sensing data and divide all objects into: fires, anthropogenic heat sources, false alarms.

Plugin features:

Set from 1 to 10 preset class values.
Save and load the values you need in a Json format file.
Assign hotkeys (limited choice) to quickly fill the attribute table with the desired values.
Set a limit on the maximum selection of objects ( to avoid accidentally overwriting everything).
Buttons to save results and rollback changes.

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1.0.1 yes 3.22.0 3.99.0 376 mrchebur 2023-08-10T05:12:02.436685+00:00

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