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Tools to display and convert date, time, time zone, UNIX time (Epoch), Julian date, ISO8601, date differences, times and positions of the sun.

This is a set of four tools. 1)Conversion tools to display the local date, time, time zone, UNIX time (Epoch), Julian dates, ISO8601, calculate the difference between two dates, select a location and time zone by clicking on the map and display the closet location and sun statistics. 2) Time zone visualization and/or offset capture tool. 3) A processing tool that adds a time zone field and/or offset to a point layer. 4) A processing tool to add the sun times of dawn, sunrise, noon, sunset, and dusk to a point layer attribute table. NOTE: This plugin is large and is loaded at the time of first use. At first launch, it can take a few seconds to load.

Version Experimental Minimum QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
3.0.7 no 3.14.0 3330 hamiltoncj 2021-04-19T19:00:20.278986+00:00

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