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CRS Guesser

Plugin ID: 2899
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Guesses unknown CRS for layers

The plugin was developed for the special case when there are coordinates whose CRS is unknown.
Note: this is not the preferred way to set the CRS. It is intended to help only in the special cases when no conclusions about the certainly correct CRS are possible.
Short Tutorial:
In the Plugin:
1. Input of one of the unknown coordinate
2. Select wether all CRS of QGIS (only EPSG) should be searched, only those of Austria or from a custom list
3. Specifying the CRS of the output layer
4. Press OK
In the background:
The plugin converts the entered coordinate from all desired CRS into the CRS of the automatically loaded output layer
5. Load a basemap (e.g. with the QuickMapPlugin)
6. Zoom to the corresponding location the point should be situated
7. Look in the attribute table from which original CRS the correctly situated point was reprojected. This is the correct CRS for the respective coordinates.

Brigit Danthine
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