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Plugin for open synchronized window with selected layers

This plugin for open synchronized window with selected layers.
This plugin is similar the "Dockable MirrorMap" plugin, but, the diference is this plugin create a new main window, and not a dockbale window. The plugin have others features.
The new window can add, remove, show, hide the layers.
The tools in new windows enable, show the cursor from main window(QGIS window), set the scale, show the extent of main window.
See presentation in
This plugin is developed on the demand of IBAMA(Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources)

Luiz Motta
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Latest experimental version:
Plugin ID
Version Experimental Min QGIS version Max QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
0.6.1 yes 2.8.0 2.99.0 6278 lmotta 2015-08-14T19:06:15.592457+00:00
0.6 yes 2.8.0 2.99.0 536 lmotta 2015-08-14T04:34:42.568359+00:00
0.5 yes 2.8.0 2.99.0 809 lmotta 2015-07-25T22:47:32.225003+00:00
0.4 yes 2.8.0 2.99.0 819 lmotta 2015-07-06T21:22:21.499017+00:00
0.3 yes 2.8.0 2.99.0 605 lmotta 2015-07-06T19:33:30.184687+00:00
0.2 yes 2.8.0 2.99.0 683 lmotta 2015-07-06T02:23:10.147831+00:00
0.1 yes 2.8.0 2.99.0 753 lmotta 2015-06-30T21:39:16.185556+00:00

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