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Nimbo's Earth Basemaps is an innovative Earth observation service providing cloud-free, homogenous mosaics of the world's entire landmass as captured by satellite imagery. Updated every month.

Along with this unprecedented refresh rate, Nimbo Earth Basemaps provides users with 4 data layers every month :

- Natural colors (RGB)
- Infrared (NIR)
- NDVI (vegetation helath index)
- Radar (SAR, VV/VH combination)

Maximum image resolution is 10m/px.
Images are served in WMS/WMTS format.

Nimbo Earth Basemaps meets a variety of requirements for geospatial analysis professionals, including visualizations fit for machine learning algorithm implementation, monitoring tasks and training models based on time series.

Nimbo Earth Basemaps' views consist of monthly syntheses using imagery from Sentinel 1 and 2 satellites from the European Copernicus programme.

Nimbo is developed and published exclusively by Kermap:

This plugins allows you to access all Nimbo earth tile map services. Use of this plugin requires the creation of a free Nimbo account at

Users can then log directly into the Nimbo QGIS plugin with their ID/password, or QGIS or directly use the API key available in their Nimbo account at

All of Nimbo's monthly layers - RGB, NDVI, Radar and Infrared - will then be available along the following timelines :
- From October 2019 to present : Europe, Northern Africa and Middle East
- From March 2022 to present : All of the above + the USA
- From February 2023 to present : Global coverage

(Please not that radar layer does not provide extensive global coverage as of 2022, as one of Sentinel-1 constellation's satellite went out of service by end-2021-early 2022)

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