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Searches the current map for Alloy items

Allows a user to connect to Yotta‘s Alloy product and search for items in the current map window. The items are loaded into memory as a copy. No edits are passed back to the system. NB: this requires and existing Alloy account and will only show layers already setup and available to the user account. NB: Provided as is with no maintenance or guarantee.

Version Experimental Minimum QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
1.6 no 3.0.0 1422 paulwithy 2022-10-31T13:18:41.274569+00:00
1.5 no 3.0.0 2767 paulwithy 2021-03-01T17:36:28.300001+00:00
1.4 no 3.0.0 74 paulwithy 2021-02-28T21:32:26.272586+00:00
1.3 no 3.0.0 145 paulwithy 2021-02-27T08:24:00.153715+00:00
1.2 no 3.0.0 92 paulwithy 2021-02-26T19:02:00.851628+00:00
1.1 no 3.0.0 117 paulwithy 2021-02-24T20:01:38.765805+00:00
1.0 no 3.0.0 136 paulwithy 2021-02-20T16:38:04.599092+00:00

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