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QGIS plugin to support animal disease control measures

VetEpiGIS-Group is a part of VetEpiGIS plugin family helping veterinarian collaboration in the management of spatial data related to animal disease. It provides a set of functionalities to import/export and share data with other users, by allowing the creation of a working team (this would be based on SQLite db and/or Geoserver).
** General **
- Fixed bug on 'copy selected feature in working database';
- Fixed crash when values contains apostrophe;
- Update: Modify setup Working database tool;
- Update: Split tool in 'setup working database' and 'load working database';
- Updated 'Merging database' UI;
- Enabled checkbox to update existing features;
- Added Tool that copy selected feature in working database;

Version Experimental Minimum QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
0.801 no 3.4.0 1689 mmazzucato 2019-12-10T11:38:46.355414+00:00
0.11 yes 2.8.0 1386 mmazzucato 2016-08-24T11:04:30.741723+00:00

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