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Creation and analysis of topographic (surface) networks.

Terrain can be represented as a collection of objects - terrain features such as valleys, ridges, hills etc. One possible approach to arrive at such a model is modelling relationships between elements in a terrain model, most commonly pixels in an elevation model. Here, pixels are connected according to their height difference. Such a network, in its simplest form identical to the one used for watershed modelling, can then be analysed for modeling terrain ontologies...

Version Experimental Minimum QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
0.1.1 yes 2.0.0 3075 zoran14 2016-04-24T21:25:19.693567+00:00
0.1 yes 2.0.0 423 zoran14 2016-04-18T15:29:46.277383+00:00

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