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Plugin ID: 3024
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This plugin manages the Street Smart imagery

This plugin manages the Street Smart imagery.
The plugin can add the Atlas Recording WFS to the current project.
And shows the Street Smart Panorama viewer in an external view.
The plugin requires Cefpython3, and this needs to be installed first before the plugin can be used.
You can follow the instructions here to install the package on your computer
For further details please visit

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Plugin ID
Version Experimental Min QGIS version Max QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
v3.0.5 no 3.6.0 3.28.0 190 samsonboadi 2024-02-14T12:05:48.533759+00:00
v3.0.4 no 3.6.0 3.28.0 144 samsonboadi 2024-02-05T13:12:44.334680+00:00
v3.0.3 no 3.4.0 3.99.0 2096 samsonboadi 2023-07-12T09:52:51.465660+00:00
v3.0.2 no 3.4.0 3.99.0 179 samsonboadi 2023-07-06T12:08:23.533719+00:00
v3.0.1 no 3.4.0 3.99.0 224 samsonboadi 2023-06-29T05:08:43.126456+00:00
v3.0.0 no 3.4.0 3.99.0 122 samsonboadi 2023-06-26T14:59:47.337227+00:00

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