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Compute and generate in a parallel process the composed of a raster images stack through assemble and reduce by a statistic

StackComposed is a Qgis plugin processing that compute the stack composed (assemble and reduce) using a statistic
to get the final value. The result is an assembled image, with a wrapper extent for all input data, with the pixel
values resulting from the statistic for the specific band for all the valid pixels across the time axis (z-axis)

Version Experimental Min QGIS version Max QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
23.8 no 3.0.0 3.99.0 400 xaviercll 2023-08-09T07:59:08.634732+00:00
22.5.20 no 3.0.0 3.99.0 828 xaviercll 2022-05-20T07:49:34.739079+00:00

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