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Update and export a print composer to image or PDF for every layer from a user defined list of layers.

The Serial Print plugin adds each layer from a series of layers - one by one - to a print composer, updates the legend and exports the composition to image or PDF. It allows for example to easily produce a series of images / documents, where the general map layout (background maps, north arrow, and other composer items) is unchanged and only the single selected layers are added. It can be useful e.g. for creating a map for each species in a given area ... It requires, that the current project contains at least one existing print composer with one map element and optionaly a legend.

Stefan Blumentrath - Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
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0.2 yes 2.0.0 2.99.0 2461 sbl 2017-02-14T12:40:30.607751+00:00
0.1 yes 2.0.0 2.99.0 693 sbl 2017-02-08T09:08:47.887080+00:00

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