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SentinelHub plugin enables users to harness the power of Sentinel Hub services directly from QGIS.

This plugin allows you to directly access Copernicus satellite imagery in QGIS, enabling exploration, customization and image download. Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3 and Sentinel-5P and Copernicus DEM data can be directly loaded into QGIS for visualization and analysis. The plugin allows choosing the satellite sensor, the image date, the maximum cloud coverage per tile, and loading the imagery directly into your GIS.
The datasets are made available through the services of the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem or Sentinel Hub, so either a Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem account or a Sentinel Hub account is required in order to use the plugin. The plugin transforms any layer defined in Copernicus Data Space User Dashboard or the Sentinel Hub Configuration Utility into a QGIS layer.
Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem accounts can be created completely free of charge here:

Sentinel Hub trial accounts are available here , with free accounts open for request here or here .

Disclaimer: CDSE endpoint may not work in MacOS. For more information about OGC Services documentation please check this link

Version Experimental Minimum QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
2.0.2 no 3.22.0 2017 sentinelhub 2023-09-14T08:21:45.651517+00:00
2.0.1 no 3.22.0 5177 sentinelhub 2023-07-21T13:06:26.480443+00:00
2.0.0 no 3.0.0 44921 sentinelhub 2020-08-21T06:49:19.860008+00:00
1.3.3 no 2.0.0 35596 sentinelhub 2018-07-10T22:20:40.633115+00:00
1.3.2 no 2.0.0 2534 sentinelhub 2018-06-07T08:55:33.534134+00:00
1.3.1 no 2.0.0 2882 sentinelhub 2018-05-03T21:35:07.256571+00:00
1.3.0 no 2.0.0 541 sentinelhub 2018-05-02T19:01:36.724989+00:00
1.2.1 no 2.0.0 1160 sentinelhub 2018-04-23T21:46:39.424791+00:00
1.2.0 no 2.0.0 722 sentinelhub 2018-04-18T23:41:56.343243+00:00
1.1.0 no 2.0.0 2233 sentinelhub 2018-03-23T21:42:58.544939+00:00
1.0.3 no 2.0.0 2193 sentinelhub 2018-03-04T22:40:38.491123+00:00
1.0.2 no 2.0.0 780 sentinelhub 2018-03-02T08:30:31.833384+00:00
1.0.1 no 2.0.0 861 sentinelhub 2018-02-28T14:42:53.583236+00:00
1.0 no 3.0.0 571 sentinelhub 2018-02-28T00:52:06.310427+00:00
0.3 no 2.0.0 3435 sentinelhub 2017-12-07T11:42:33.531946+00:00
0.2 no 2.0.0 953 sentinelhub 2017-12-02T16:04:41.917840+00:00
0.1 no 2.0.0 626 sentinelhub 2017-11-30T16:30:23.249542+00:00

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