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This plugin implements clustering for point data using the scipy module.

This plugin implements point custering in scipy and add a label integer
field to the feature class for the clustered data. Both hierarchical and
k-means clustering are implemented.
This is a Procesing plugin (actuvated automatically) and can be found in
the processing toolbox.
Please note that there are memory limitations in hierarchical clustering -
the space required to create the clusters is O(n^2), which means that
larger datasets will run out of memory fast. As such there is a plugin
setting in the Processing options that sets the upper limit of points to
process, by default set at 10,000. K-means is much more forgiving in terms
of memory, so the limit is not enforced in those algorithms.
All credit to the scipy team for the original implementation of the cluster
Jones E, Oliphant E, Peterson P, et al. SciPy: Open Source Scientific
Tools for Python, 2001-, [Online].
seagull by Lane F. Kinkade from the Noun Project

Henry Walshaw
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