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The QuickPrint Plugin for QGIS3

The QuickPrint plug-in provides a simple way to quickly create a pdf from the map as shown in the map pane.

The map is not just a screenshot, but a real map with a title, subtitle, scalebar, date, attribution and remarks. In this way you get a decent print without the hassle of setting up and using print templates.

You can choose between A3 and A4 (or ANSI-A and ANSI-B) paper sizes and between portrait and landscape paper orientation.

Some customizations are possible, like putting a logo on the page and setting a different font and font size. Now, it is also possible to set a default attribution and a default remark.

Version Experimental Minimum QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
3.6.1 no 2.99.0 8741 marcoduiker 2021-07-02T10:08:17.624496+00:00
3.6.0 no 2.99.0 6188 marcoduiker 2020-06-11T11:35:08.057182+00:00
3.5.1 no 2.99.0 7072 marcoduiker 2019-04-19T10:01:18.211593+00:00
3.4.5 no 2.99.0 1741 marcoduiker 2019-03-02T08:20:55.124881+00:00
3.4.4 no 2.99.0 1035 marcoduiker 2019-02-07T11:03:31.152922+00:00
3.4.3 no 2.99.0 5442 marcoduiker 2018-03-16T10:20:08.882121+00:00
3.4.2 no 2.99.0 1152 marcoduiker 2018-02-27T07:56:46.201281+00:00
3.4.1 no 2.99.0 567 marcoduiker 2018-02-20T08:36:08.556148+00:00
3.4 no 2.99.0 482 marcoduiker 2018-02-06T11:11:27.281155+00:00
0.4 no 2.0.0 5095 marcoduiker 2017-08-14T18:17:37.182722+00:00
0.3 no 2.0.0 1562 marcoduiker 2017-06-06T16:11:25.768597+00:00
0.2 no 2.0.0 681 marcoduiker 2017-05-19T09:46:19.083207+00:00

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