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Version: [579] QuickOSM 1.17.0

Version 1.17.0:
* Add OpenHistoricalMap overpass server, linked to
* Add an option to use the extent of selected features
* Add Overpass Query Language (OQL) generator by default instead of legacy XML
* Add the possibility to choose the Nominatim server, by default the one from
* Add one check from the Overpass API if too many requests from the user
* Fix the Mapillary action in the attribute table
* Fix some user experience issue about the place name
* Fix user experience about the named area drop-down menu
* Fix 'Around' query type to fetch any OSM object instead of only OSM nodes.
* In the source code, add some Python annotations and more tests

Version 1.16.0:
* Changelog from 1.15.0 which has been unapproved
* Avoid regression from 1.15.0 about empty attribute table
* Always check to open file with UTF8

Version 1.15.0:
* Fix the button to "show the query"
* Fix QGIS Processing algorithm about GDAL parameter
* Add the OSM key "aeroway"
* Add a button to open the online help from the QGIS help menu
* Update the documentation with a proper website
* Add an automatic documentation for QGIS Processing algorithms on the website
* Some Python automatic code review
June 9, 2021, 5:36 a.m.
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