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This plugin helps import a Mapserver Mapfile in a Qgis Project

This plugin helps import a Mapserver Mapfile (.map, .lay) in a Qgis Project 3.x.
You can import the definition of a layer (MAP ... LAYER ... END ... END or LAYER ... END) or the definition of multiple layers (MAP ... LAYER ... END ... END).
If import one layer (LAYER ... END) (the layers are declared with INCLUDE), then specify the main mapfile to obtain the paths (SHAPEPATH, FONTSET, SYMBOLSET) only once, then they are obtained from the cache.
Qgis and Mapserver are not completely compatible, but even so, we have tried to find the highest degree of common attributes allowing a similarity in the views in the different environments.
Mapfiles are expected to be UTF-8 encoded.
It is compatible with Mapserver Mapfiles versions >= 6.
It allows to add vector layers of different geometric types (Points, Lines and Polygons) and raster layers (not styled).
pip install mappyfile
pip install matplotlib
GNU General Public License version 2 or above

David Orellano
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