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QGIS Time Data Control (QTDC): A plugin for animating time-tagged data

QTDC adds an interactive data animation capability to QGIS for vector layers having a time attribute.

The user can interactively control animation and specify the animation time context,
specifically: when in time, how much time, and how fast to animate the time-tagged data.

Multiple layers can be animated with QTDC simultaneously.

The UI also provides a histogram representation of data volume over time for each loaded layer.

The histogram doubles as a control for adjusting where in time and how much time to display.

Animation is bi-directional and is controlled either with UI buttons or with mouse gestures on the histogram.

There is also a basic API that exposes a subset of QTDC operations for interaction with other plugins.

timehistogramdatetimelinetemporal contextinteractive animationtime attribute
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