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Version: [1163] Plugin Load Times 4.0.2

version 4.0.2: corrected minimum QGIS version in metadata
version 4.0.1: temporary solution to make the plugin work in different language
versions of QGIS, added a unit for the times
version 4.0: changed the data source to the QGIS application runtime profiler
version 3.0.2: cleaned up code
version 3.0.1: changed default tab back to "Load times", removed intro text box
minimum size
version 3.0.0: QGIS 2.x is no longer supported, cleaned up code, added Python
example in source tab, added plugin version numbers, made pie chart smaller,
updated sorting icons, added plugin folder name to list
version 2.0.5: minor UI update
version 2.0.4: migrated repository to GitLab
version 2.0.3: solved floating point error in table view
version 2.0.2: minor update to UI, solved a bug that gave an error when
uninstalling a plugin
version 2.0.1: changed default tab
version 2.0: added information about data source
version 1.99.1: corrected "up" icon in QGIS 3.x., corrected pie chart.
version 1.99: added a pie chart as experimental feature
version 1.3: changed default ordering and changed button order in UI.
version 1.2.1: made compatible with QGIS 2.14
version 1.2: updated to work with both QGIS 2.x and 3.x
version 1.1: updated UI, added sorting
version 1.0: no longer experimental, replaced icon, updated UI
version 0.5.1: unnecessary files were removed
version 0.5: added colors
version 0.4: updated metadata
version 0.3: cleaned up UI
version 0.2: moved main script because of bug
version 0.1: First working version
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