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piecewise linear contrast stretch for imagery

Summary of raster data can be view as histogram. The standard tool of QGIS allow to display a fine histogram for each band. Modification on image brightness or contrast is similar to a modification of histogram. More than contrast enhancement, PLCS bring the capability to do histogram equalization, hand-classification or color adjustment. It's also possible to use it in batch mode for a whole folder. Use the mouse-left button to drag breakpoints on histogram, and mouse-right button to add or delete breakpoints

gillian milani
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0.12 yes 2.6.0 4112 gillian 2015-03-25T13:06:55.564527+00:00
0.11 yes 2.6.0 499 gillian 2015-03-24T18:25:18.708123+00:00
0.1 yes 2.6.0 533 gillian 2015-03-24T17:36:44.389837+00:00

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