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Version: [1350] Mascaret 1.0.2

1.0.2  : Correction of weirs layer style bug
Modification of observation accurency : 1E-3 => 1E-6
Ergonomics improvement for layers
1.0.1  : Correction of link bug between weirs and law
Correction of point delete  bug in profile
Correction of graphic  display bug
Correction of bug on formulae for the "observation"
Modification of laws accurency : 1E-3 => 1E-6
Addition of the comments for evenement cases (unsteady, transcritical unsteady)
Correction of generation .LIG file bug
Correction of "list_schema" function bug when there isn't schema
1.0.0  : First official version
0.3.5  : Correction of xcas file for the basins
0.3.4  : Correction of Ctrl+C Ctrl+V bug for the  table of hydro. results
Correction of auto-initialisation bug for the basins
Correction of next button in graphics
Correction of datetime  bug to write csv file
0.3.3  : Correction of import bug
0.3.2  : Modification of basins and links result tables
0.3.1  : Addition of water quality feature
0.2.1  : Addition of basin(or storage area) feature
0.1.13 : Correction of parameters GUI bug
Correction of weirs bug in xcas file
Correction of connection data base bug
0.1.12 : Addition of the "port" option for import and export model command with
Correction of bug related to the initial value equal "None" when ".lig" file is
Correction of ".lig" file copy bug for QGIS3
0.1.11 : Correction of hydrogramme bug for the profils with "output" display
Correction of delete run bug
Correction of variable time step bug at initialisation for a transcritical case
0.1.10 : Correction of style bug for qgis 3
Addition of schema delete GUI and  run delete GUI
Addition of the comments for the runs
0.1.9 : Correction of limitation bug for steady compute
Correction of searched profile bug for graphics
0.1.8 : Correction of profile interpolation bug when the raster is < 1 m
0.1.7 : Correction of profile creation bug if the first point of minor riverbed
is 0 on the abscissa
0.1.6 : Correction of execute permissions bug with linux
0.1.5 : Modification of "observation" files
0.1.4 : Optimisation of result inserting  in the table
0.1.3 : Correction of default name bug for .CSV file extraction
Correction of abscissa accuracy bug
Correction of abscissa number bug for junction parameters
0.1.2 : Correction of numeric name bug for runs or for scenario
Modification of treatment of runs and scenario in the "hydrogramme" and "cross
section results" graphics
Correction of import and export bug
0.1.1 : Correction of Georef file bug
Improvement of Topo displays
Revert changelog order
0.1.0 : Compatibility with qgis3
Correction of lig file format  bug
Correction of creation  bugs  of xcas file
Correction of creation bug of observation laws
Correction of abscissa compute bug
Correction of bug to save compute parameters
Correction of  Mascaret executable bug for Linux version
The result viewers no longer lock qgis
Addition of legend displacement in the result viewers
0.0.6 : Small change of metadata.txt
0.0.5 : Change of address for homepage, tracker and repo
0.0.4 : Correction of version numbering bug
0.0.3 : Correction of rights problems with .qgis2 directory
Addition of Linux version of Mascaret executable
0.0.2 : Correction of Matplotlib 2.x bug
0.0.1 : First beta release
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