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Export several print layouts to pdf, svg or image file (jpg, tif, png...) format in one click, from the current project or from projects in a folder.

Exporting a print layout requires to open it, launch the export, wait till it finishes. This procedure can become boring, repulsive and time consuming when you have to export a lot of print layouts. Maps Printer offers a quick way to export print layouts, without opening each one before: just check them in a list and launch their export to the file format you wish (pdf, svg, jpg, tif, png...). Furthermore, you can export print layouts from project files within a directory.

Harrissou Sant-anna (Conseil d'Architecture, d'Urbanisme et de l'Environnement du Maine-et-Loire)
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Version Experimental Min QGIS version Max QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
0.9 no 3.8.0 3.99.0 24236 delazj 2021-12-12T14:29:26.708280+00:00
0.8 no 3.8.0 3.99.0 7189 delazj 2021-07-13T12:05:30.686486+00:00
0.7 no 3.0.0 3.99.0 1375 delazj 2021-07-12T22:00:08.656870+00:00
0.5.1 no 3.0.0 3.99.0 25379 delazj 2019-03-12T16:32:13.248189+00:00
0.5 no 3.0.0 3.99.0 6940 delazj 2018-09-25T15:15:09.813137+00:00
0.4 yes 3.0.0 3.99.0 2022 delazj 2018-06-26T20:40:45.159862+00:00
0.2 no 2.0.0 2.99.0 33291 delazj 2015-07-30T05:56:40.203079+00:00
0.1 no 2.0.0 2.99.0 11233 delazj 2014-07-30T18:27:38.679710+00:00

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