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Manage LiDAR (dtm/dsm) dataset from Tile Index Layer

Qgis Plugin to manage small and large LIDAR dataset. Useful to GIS user with intensive job in LIDAR analysis.

Requests LIDAR file(s) in readable directory and user with read and write privilege for user directory. Tested with Qgis 3.10 and following

Add file(s) lidar and/or single virtual raster file directly from Tile Index Layer field with valid path. Sets on the fly hillshading parameter and CRS.
Change hillshading setting to LIDAR active in TOC.

Other Tools:
- copy LIDAR selected in Tile Index Layer to destination directory
- creates Tile Index Layer from directory/subdirectory or from LIDAR in TOC and populate field with valid path. NB: use gdaltileindex from OSGeo4w shell
it' s a very fast process but need OSGgeo4W shell active and in original directory istallation (OSGEO4W_ROOT enviromental system variable)
- creates virtual raster file from LIDAR active in TOC
- checks path field in Tile Index Layer to control valid path for file
- interactive help string and log message

Lorenzo Sulli
rasterdtmlidartile index
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Version Experimental Minimum QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
0.9.9 yes 3.10.0 104 lsulli 2023-04-24T08:55:25.244510+00:00

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