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Version: [237] LecoS - Landscape Ecology Statistics 3.0.0

Version 3.0.0
- Code update and refactor for QGIS 3. All credits go to @caiohamamura
Version 2.0.7
- Fixed a new bug that prevented landscape statistics from working
Version 2.0.6
- Added new metric: Average inner Edge distance
Version 2.0.5
- Added new metric: Euclidean Nearest-Neighbor Distance and improved speed
- Attempt to fix tobytes bug #14700
- Speed improvement for landscape proportion. Thanks to @lselzer
Version 2.0.3
- Fixed PIL Error with most recent version
- #14602 - Enable default output SRS for random and neutral landscapes.
- Added new landscape metric: Proportion of like adjacencies
- Added new landscape metric: Patch cohesion index
Version 2.0.2
- Fixed Bug #14270 for the Moving Window analysis tool
- Added the LPI metric (Largest Patch Index) + help
- Added Mean Shape index + help
Version 2.0.1
- Found a small typo in the script	(Thanks to Dieter
Version 2.0
- LecoS now has an official reference and publication
- Fixed bug #13940
Version 1.9.9:
- Improved polygon clipping algorithm to account for rough edges
- Metadata and readme change
Version 1.9.8:
- Corrected and overwrite the relative help file link
- Fixed some unicode errors
- Added error message for Bug report #12427
Version 1.9.7:
- Make sure that the Processing algorithms are updating
Version 1.9.6:
- Mean patch distance removed for now
- Implemented link to new NLMpy python library.
* Options to calculate Neutral Landscape Models if library is installed
Version 1.9.5:
- Attempt to fix bug of the mean patch distance metric
Version 1.9.4:
- Fixed errors with new Processing version QGIS-2.6
Version 1.9.3:
- Bug fixing within the vector overlay tool
Version 1.9.2:
- Little fixes to make LecoS ready for QGIS master dev
- added a grouping vector field to the Batch Polygon Overlay tool
- Selection of non-working polygon features now working
Version 1.9.1:
- Some bugs fixed and useability improved
Version 1.9:
- Added new tools to the Processing toolbox for use in complex models
- Function to count Raster cells -> Output as table
- Function to query raster values below a point layer
- Function to intersect two landscape (raster) layers -> Output clipped raster
- Function to creates a new random raster based on values from a statistical
distribution -> Output raster
- Function to conduct a Neighborhood analysis (analogous to r.neighbors. or
Focal Statistics in ArcGis)
- Function to conduct a connected component labeling of connected patches
- Function to conduct ZonalStatistics based on two landscapes (ZonalStatistics
with raster layers in ArcGIS)
- Improved the overall documentation for the Processing Toolbox and created new
simple icons
- Fixed Bug:
- Various small bugs fixed
Version 1.8.2:
- Small bug fixing (Processing interface not working)
Version 1.8.1:
- Update for the integration of SEXTANTE into QGIS (now called Processing)
Version 1.8:
- Updated for new QGIS 2.0 API
Version 1.7.5:
- SEXTANTE support!
- Fixed bug with the overlay calculation of landscape metrics (included no-data
Version 1.7.4:
- Fixed Bug with the rasterUnitsPerPixel extraction for QGIS 1.9/2.0. Now raises
a warning if cells are not square
- Improved Input response
Version 1.7.3:
- Some Improvements with the mismatching shapes and extents -> now uses polygon
extent instead of the whole shapefile
- Fixed Error with the Shannon Equitability
- Fixed Errors with Diversity indices and shapefile edits
- Fixed Bug causing QGIS to crash ->
- The Batchoverlay now displays the progress in the QGIS main window taskbar
Version 1.7.2:
- Enabled the calculation of landscape statistics for vector layers
- Replaced QMessageBoxes with QMessageBar messages if a newer QGIS version (>=
10900) is used
- Removed the landscape diversity tool and merged options to calculate landscape
diversity into the other toolset
- Fixed some small bugs with the GreatestPatch - SmallestPatch Metric
- Fixed some bugs with mismatching shapes and extents (maybe better solution in
the future)
Version 1.7.1:
- Fixed the "Add Table to QGIS"-Bug on Windows systems
- Enables the option to save Results in the overlaying vectors attribute table
Version 1.7:
- Added new metrics: Median patch area, Mean patch distance, Mean patch
perimeter, Mean patch shape ratio
- Fixed some small bugs with the landscape modifier
- Recreated the Batch-overlay tool from scratch and added several new
functionalities to it
- Fixed a bug for Windows using old numpy / scipy version where the function
"count_nonzero" was not available
Version 1.6.1:
- Implemented a check-routine for the landscape diversity module.
- Removed the icons from the toolbar as the functions increase. SEXTANTE support
will be coming to enable easy access to LecoS
- Build hasattr and try-catch phrases around import modules
- Fixed small bug with the polygon-overlay
Version 1.6:
- Added the landscape modifier and several function to LecoS
Version 1.5.1:
- Implemented a small try-catch routine for gdal driver related issues
Version 1.5:
- Small Fixes. Implemented some error catching routines
Version 1.4.9:
- Fixed Errors resulting from the QGIS API Changes
Version 1.4:
- Added the options to calculate the median, upper and lower quantile, the
minimum and the maximum as well
as the standard deviation from unclassified raster shapes in the polygon overlay
Version 1.3:
- Created the Polygon Landcover Overlay tool, which is capable of extracting
values per polygon feature from
underlying raster shapes. Both classified and non-classified raster shapes are
Version 1.2:
- Switched to a object orientied programming style. However parts of the code
are still extremely slow :-(
- Added several new metrics including Total edge length, Edge Density, Landscape
Division Index,
Splitting Index and Effective Mesh Size
- Fixed an Error with the Greatest Patch Size detection
- Added no-data field in the selection menu
- Removed Custom tab for now (maybe an implementation fill follow later if i
have time)
Version 1.1:
- Moved Plugin completely to the raster toolbar
- Info Button moved to LecoS GUI
- Other Gui related things
Version 1.0:
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