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Version: [895] Layer Metadata Search 2.2.4

2.2.4 Bug fix
- Fixed another problem when using AD integration and not specifying username
<p>2.2.3 Bug fixes
- More fixes for errors seen when using AD integration with QGIS 3
<p>2.2.2 Bug fixes
- Fixed bug introduced by last bug fix
<p>2.2.1 Bug fixes
- Fixed issue with passworless connections failing on first use
<p>2.2 Ported to QGIS 3
<p>2.1.6 Feature release:
- Added using first column as primary key for PostGIS views as default and last
choice behavior
- Custom Primary Keys for PostGIS views accepts now multiple, comma separated
column names
<p>2.1.5 Feature release:
- Added Primary Key configuration option for loading PostGIS views
<p>2.1.4 Bug fixes:
- Fixed loading layers from views
- Fixed columns order and width saving/restoring
<p>2.1.3 Bug fixes:
- Fixed missing 'abstract' column in the search results window
<p>2.1.2 Bug fixes:
- Fixed AttributeError occurring at first plugin run
- Implementing reordering and resizing of search result columns
<p>2.1 Feature release:
- Multiple-database support
<p>2.0.5 Bug fixes:
- Fixed issue occuring when having 'ignore' column set to --DISABLED--
<p>2.0.4 Bug fixes:
- Only display items in search results which have a corresponding row in
<p>2.0.3 Bug fixes:
- Fixed issue with Python error when DB closes connection
- Ensured that loaded pg layer always has a name, even if metadata title field
<p>2.0.2 Bug fixes:
- Fixed crash on loading postgis layers using AD auth
<p>2.0.1 ???
<p>2.0 Feature release
- Implemented browse all metadata functionality
- Updated documentation
- Fixed issue with details not showing on row selection
<p>1.99.0 Feature release
- Added support for search and widgets
<p>1.2.0 Feature release:
- raster files support
<p>1.1.1 - Bug fixes:
- Added a check for empty custom search column or description
<p>1.1.0 - Feature release:
- Ability to search and display custom metadata fields
<p>1.0.2 - Aesthetic changes:
- Updated icon
<p>1.0.1 - Bug fixes:
- Change of name
<p>1.0.0 - New features:
- Initial release
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