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Finds geodetic distance along and to the side of a line

Measures geodetic distance along a line, i.e. the chainage (in KP - kilometer points) and offset.
Clicking copies the information to the clipboard. Can generate chainage points, geodetic and cartesian.
Can also make a copy of a point layer with new attributes for KP and DOL, Lat and Lon.
Please note: the plugin only accepts layers with the same CRS. It takes the first feature in the line layer -
it is best if the line layer has only one feature, but the plugin will issue a warning if not the case.
Code borrowed from the Lat Lon Tools, Shapetools and Closest Point plugins.
Reliable results only with projected layers!

Milen Iliev
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3.1.0 no 3.0.0 3.99.0 2925 asratum 2022-04-07T13:06:04.941089+00:00
3.0.5 no 3.0.0 3.99.0 1789 asratum 2020-11-27T20:16:10.735164+00:00
3.0.4 no 3.0.0 3.99.0 246 asratum 2020-11-07T12:13:47.164463+00:00
3.0.3 no 3.0.0 3.99.0 318 asratum 2020-10-06T14:56:22.550318+00:00
3.0.2 no 3.0.0 3.99.0 804 asratum 2020-03-08T18:01:33.984345+00:00
3.0.1 no 3.0.0 3.99.0 273 asratum 2020-02-17T19:30:41.325956+00:00
3.0.0 no 3.0.0 3.99.0 184 asratum 2020-02-15T20:56:26.464246+00:00

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