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Version: [1410] ImportPhotos 2.0

2019-02-25  ImportPhotos 2.0:
Call from python
Add fields title, user comment, relative path
Add option to load specific qml style
Change main ui window
2019-01-25  ImportPhotos 1.9:
Add group with layer
Fix issue in right/left transparent
2018-11-28  ImportPhotos 1.8:
Drop update for qgis 2
Add QgsTask for the ImportPhotos
Change main ui file
Set default save file, shapefile
Add buttons zoom to selected, rotation, rotation azimuth
Update right, left buttons
Add warning when not imported the PIL or the exifread python module
Sort attribute table
Add button for show/hide arrows
2018-11-15  ImportPhotos 1.7:
Update view window, add next/previous-buttons and key shortcut
Press F11 to enter fullscreen, Escape to exit
Remove the modal window
2018-11-05  ImportPhotos 1.6:
Fix issue with empty attribute for qgis 3.4
2018-10-22  ImportPhotos 1.5:
Fix issue with exifread
2018-09-25  ImportPhotos 1.4:
Another fix of the issue with images without gps info
2018-09-23  ImportPhotos 1.3:
Fix an issue with images without gps info
Fix issue for linux platform
2018-05-22  ImportPhotos 1.2:
Remove Altitude from photo window
Replace Zoom In icon with Zoom To Selected
Fix azimuth ratio in field
Add save as GeoJSON, SHP, GPKG, CSV, GML, KML, TAB, ODS type of files
Merge QGIS 2 with QGIS 3 ImportPhotos plugin
2018-05-08  ImportPhotos 1.1:
Update window file of photo, fix reopen project, add zoom, pan and extend
2018-03-21  ImportPhotos 1.0:
Issue fixes and migration code to QGIS3
Fix error with replace file and clear code
Add attributes field Camera Maker and Model
2018-03-09  ImportPhotos 0.4:
Fix error for mac pc, and add some warning messages
2018-02-20  ImportPhotos 0.3:
Update version
2018-02-20  ImportPhotos 0.2:
Fixed error with activation
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