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Estimation of urban heat island

Easy but real physical estimation of ground temperatures to help treat urban heat islands and create better urban designs.
ICEtool allows you to make and highlight the urban design choices (e.g. vegetation, materials) that reduce urban heat island phenomena.
ICEtool includes UMEP shadow generator, thanks to all UMEP plugin contributors for all their work!
To get started with ICEtool, check that QGIS Processing Toolbox is displayed (CTRL+ALT+T) and read the user manual in the Help menu.

Arthur Evrard
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Version Experimental Min QGIS version Max QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
1.4.1 no 3.10.0 3.99.0 1325 arthev 2023-09-20T14:17:01.029044+00:00
1.4.0 no 3.10.0 3.99.0 2059 arthev 2022-09-26T16:07:05.035750+00:00
1.0.2 no 3.10.0 3.99.0 1108 arthev 2022-02-04T19:25:20.265766+00:00
1.0.1 no 3.10.0 3.99.0 155 arthev 2022-02-02T10:23:58.052168+00:00
1.0 no 3.10.0 3.99.0 412 arthev 2022-01-19T07:24:13.173388+00:00

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