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This plugin is experimental and is far less fast and efficient than the actual DBSCAN clustering algo from actual QGIS Toolbox !

This plugin can regroup all points linked one to another because they are within a given distance from one another, it gives them a commun aggregate id attribute.This plugin picks a point, the first of the aggregate, and seeks, in the distance of research chosen by the user, another one. If this second point is found, is added to the aggregate and the loop starts again untill no more points are added.The plugin loops untill all points are treated. This plugin also produces a line layer and a polygon layer to overlap the points and visualize the aggregates.

This plugin was meant to group very nearby faunistic fields observations from different date and observers in order to produce "sites" of presence.

It was produced before discovering DBSCAN clustering from actual QGIS Toolbox which is better in many way.

Jean-Christophe BAUDIN
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