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Version: [118] FlowMapper 0.4

!!! Precaution !!! 
(i) for input files use DECIMAL SEPARATOR as "." POINT, (ii) values are either
WHITE SPACE or TAB DELIMITED (see supplied sample data format), (iii) DO NOT use
language specific characters (e.g. ü, ö, é etc.), (iv) prefer shorter paths
(e.g. c:\data\ or ./temp)

- Check "About FlowMapper" menu for contact details (15 Nov 2014)
- Some typo errors in v0.4 have been corrected (9 Jun 2014)

What's new in v0.4
-Can create flow nodes in shapefile format
-Attributes for flow nodes such as incoming, outgoing, net, gross, in/out,
out/in flow fields and indicator field for flow gain(+1) & flow loose(-1) are
automatically calculated based on interaction matrix
-Can differentiate flow gaining nodes and loosing nodes. Nodes gaining flows are
shown in green; nodes loosing flows are shown in red.
-Single, graduated and fully manual type of symbology options are added for
depicting flow nodes
-Calculation of basic flow node statistics for based on selected attribute
-Some minor bugs fixed (e.g. wrong calculation of flow node name in flow lines
shapefile when node names text file is not supplied)
-Minor revision to GUI and some typos fixed.
(Note: user documentation is going to be revised soon and updated to cover the
functionality of v0.4)

What's new in v0.3
-Can indicate flow directions for any symbology type (either single or
-Can overlay direction arrows proportional to the graduated width of flow
-Can filter flow lines based on selected node names (so user can create 1-N or
N-1 Spider Flow Diagrams)
-Can also filter nodal flow based on direction (e.g. flows only incoming to a
specific node or flows only outgoing from a node)
-Some minor bugs fixed (e.g. decimal seperator issue in symbology tab)

What's new in v0.2.5
-Can add origin & destination node names of flow lines in the output
(so that user can concentrate on desired O/D nodes by looking at attributes)

What's new in v0.2.4
-Compatible with QGIS v2.0

What's new in v0.2.3 
-Can indicate flow directions with arrow heads in single symbology mode

What's new in v0.2.2
-Now works natively under Linux and Windows
(for Mac, needs installation of GDAL/OGR. Besides needs "ogr2ogr" to be
functional for filtering capabilities)

What's new in v0.2.1
-Automatically adding created flow lines into map canvas with symbology
-Planar and spherical distance length calculation
-Calculation of basic statistics
-Various graduated symbology options added
-Fully manual symbology adjustment tool added
-Can export to KML / MapInfo TAB

Feel free to contact. 
Contributions are welcomed. 
All questions regarding the plugin are %100 answered.

[email protected]
Dec. 28, 2013, 10:29 p.m.
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