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FastVersion Is a plugin that integrates into Qgis, to handle vector data, creating an environment for security administration, versioning and project management. It is multi-user, and most of the functionality is stored in the Postgres database. The architecture is client-server, and the connection of Qgis is direct to the database server.
It is designed for online versioning, so the clients must be always connected to the main database.
Other versioning systems allow to work offline and then merge data of different database, that is not the case with FastVersion.
The concept of Version; is similar to the concept that has of a paper plane. The creation of a version is analogous to the process of making a photocopy of the main version. But, once the copy is created, the modifications in the original are not transferred to the copy and vice versa.

PostGis data versioning, permission and project management. System Administrator.

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