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This plugin is deprecated!

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It seemed odd to me that QGIS is able to open many file types but you can only edit a couple of them. This standalone plugin converts any vector layer to a memory layer (and therefore allows you to edit the layer).

* No progress bar (at 1000's of features the plugin can appear locked-up/frozen).
* Works on vector layers only.

[Deprecated in QGIS 2.0 - see instructions below on how to use the built in functionality of QGIS 2.0]

####Deprecated in QGIS 2.0 ####
I have been informed that this plugin is NOT compatible with QGIS 2.0. Not to worry. Since developing this stand alone plugin the developers of SEXTANTE have implemented write to memory layer in their processing tools. SEXTANTE is now included in the core of QGIS 2.0+ as the "Processing" menu.

To convert any vector layer to a memory layer in QGIS 2.0 using SEXTANTE:

1. Open the processing toolbox using "Processing->Toolbox"
2. Search for "save selected features" in the toolbox (or locate in under Geoalgorithms/Vector/General Tools).
3. Open "Save Selected Features", chose the input layer, leave the output layer blank (defaulting to "[Save to temporary file]", and tick the "Open output file after running algorithm".
4. Click "Run".

(Note: This will convert all the selected features of the input layer to a "memory layer" that can then be edited and saved to any file format that QGIS supports. If you do not select any features then ALL features will be converted. The existing layer is also retained)

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