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This tool automatize surface runoff simulations based on SCS methods

This tool was developed by the Research Group on Hydro Environmental Modeling and Ecotechnologies at Universidade Federal de Santa Maria in order to automatically process surface runoff simulations based on the SCS methods. The main purpose of this plugin is to make available a free and open source tool to help professionals of the water resources sector to develope hydraulic dimensionaments and other projects related to urban drainage. Given that Brazil is a developing country and has financial resource limitations, this tool has potential to provide improvements to the projects whitout extra costs. More than that, this tool can promote the knowledge acquirement and the scientific devolopment of the country. Since it is a tool focused on attend the necessities of brazilian professionals, its interface was designed in portuguese.

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0.1 yes 2.0.0 2.99.0 3675 jrfontoura 2016-12-12T02:02:23.109134+00:00

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