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Version: [1247] Data Plotly 3.8

Version 3.8
- [feature] expose DataPlotly on QGIS Server for a GetPrint request kudos to
Version 3.7
- [feature] histogram and pie chart bar and slices with same color of category!
kudos to @jdugge
- [feature] plot background transparent in layouts!
Version 3.6
- [feature] Multi Plot in layout composer! Ultra kudos to @SGroe
- [bugfix] Fix layout composer issue with many plots (ref #207). Thanks to the
Italian Community for testing
- [bugfix] Fix categorical bar plot wrong behavior
- [bugfix] code cleaning
Version 3.5
- [bugfix] Fix loading old projects
Version 3.4
- [feature] get labels within the plot itself
- [bugfix] Native datetime support! thanks @jdugge
- [bugfix] Fix histogram selection
Version 3.3
- [bugfix] better loading project part 2
Version 3.2
- [bugfix] fix violin plot bug
- [bugfix] better loading project handling
Version 3.1
- [feature] more data defined options available (in layout customization).
Thanks @SGroe
- [feature] X and Y axis bounds limits. Thanks @SGroe
- [feature] add box plot within violin plots
- [feature] renaming of plugin metadata to better search. Thanks @Gustry
- [bugfix] Box plot not working when no group is selected
- [bugfix] Data-defined property overrides do not work in layout

Version 3.0
- [feature] total refactoring of the code
- [feature] plots also in print composer
- [feature] atlas based plots
- [feature] chance to save/load configuration file of plot setting
- [feature] plot settings saved together with the project
- [feature] more datadefined properties
- [feature] show only selected/visible/filtered features
- [feature] unit tests and continuous integration
Version 2.3
- [feature] tweaks polar plots, thanks @josephholler
Version 2.2
- [feature] UI tweaks, thanks @nyalldawson
Version 2.1
- [fix] typos in UI (thanks @leonmvd and @nyalldawson)
- [fix] better python packages imports (thanks @nyalldawson)
Version 2.0
- [feature] DataPlotly is updated with plotly 3.3 version
Version 1.6
- [feature] wheel zoom! Give it a try
- [feature] Edit plot title and X/Y labels in place
Version 1.5.1
- [feature] Spanish translation. Special thanks to Luca Bellani
- [bugfix] always open English manual if locale not translated
Version 1.5
- [feature] **new** Violin plots!
- [feature] **new** Polar plot layout!
- [feature] better default color choice
Version 1.4.3
- [bugfix] correct interaction with pie plot
- update plotly.js to v 1.34.0
Version 1.4.2
- [bugfix] correct saving html plot
Version 1.4.1
- [bugfixing] adaptation for new API
Version 1.4
- [feature] update plotly.js to v 1.33.1
- [feature] multiple selection with Shift + selection tool
- [feature] DataPlotly as Processing provider, thanks to Michaël Douchin of 3Liz
Sept. 28, 2021, 8:10 a.m.
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