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Calculate climb and descent for a line dataset.

Processing algorithm that returns an output line layer containing the total climb and descent as well as the minimum and maximum elevation for each polyline of the input line dataset based on the Z values of the points making up the lines. The Z values for the points can be taken from a user specified DEM (requires QGIS >= 3.4.5). The grand total climb and descent, as well as the global minimum and maximum elevation for all the lines in the input dataset are provided as output parameters.

Håvard Tveite, NMBU
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1.1 no 3.4.0 5546 havatv 2019-05-07T16:49:46.910675+00:00
1.0.3 no 3.4.0 505 havatv 2019-03-25T09:57:20.682469+00:00
1.0.2 no 3.4.0 330 havatv 2019-03-12T15:54:37.274898+00:00
1.0 no 3.4.0 306 havatv 2019-03-04T15:00:11.094433+00:00

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