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Utilize NVIDIA GPU to do raster calculations

**THIS PLUGIN IS ONLY TESTED TO WORK ON LINUX MACHINES. SEE CUDARaster_guionly FOR A STANDALONE GUI VERSION WHICH RUNS ON WINDOWS** This plugin uses CUDA enabled graphics cards to perform raster calculations. The QGIS GUI allows you to select an input file, output file and what kind of calculation you would like to do. This plugin currently supports reading and writing .asc files and .tif files. If you navigate to the plugin folder, it can also be used as a command line utility where multiple calculations can be run in one job. Note that while loading data from a raster layer already loaded into QGIS is supported, it often causes unexpected output -- loading from disk is always the more reliable option. See the README on our github page ( for more information on using the plugin as a command line utility separate from QGIS. CUDA 6.0 or higher, Boost.Python, Numpy, Python GDAL, and PyCUDA. Links to information about these dependencies can be found on the github page as well. You will need to make sure that the folder where you have installed CUDA is set to your path before starting QGIS and trying to install this plugin.

Version Experimental Min QGIS version Max QGIS version Downloads Uploaded by Date
1.1 yes 2.0.0 2.99.0 2622 ckazer 2016-08-05T13:51:25.974285+00:00
1.0 yes 2.0.0 2.99.0 518 ckazer 2016-08-03T17:24:06.645083+00:00

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