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QGIS Python Plugins Repository

Version: [740] qgis2web 1.9.2

2016/06/13 1.9.2 Leaflet decimal labels
2016/06/02 1.9.1 Categorized/graduated 2.5d error
2016/05/25 1.9.0 Upgrade OL3 to 3.16.0, fix Leaflet disappearing points
2016/05/16 1.8.1 Leaflet single polygon border width (thanks, @boesiii!),
integrate Coveralls, say "no" to jQuery in README dev section
2016/05/04 1.8.0 Measure tool: metric/imperial (thanks, @boesiii!), Travis
status on README, Gitter badge on README, dev info in README, test info in
README, coverage info in README, unused functions removed
2016/04/26 1.7.0 Maintain precision option, OL3 transparency, Leaflet CDN,
Leaflet layer visibility, Leaflet apostrophe in field name, 2.5d points, Leaflet
restrict to extent, expand test suite, test on LTR, current, and nightly
(thanks, @m-kuhn!), use QGIS example layers in tests
2016/04/15 1.6.0 Make preview proxy aware, bump OL to 3.15.1, add development
info to README and improve debug instructions
2016/04/12 1.5.1 Basemaps README/Help text clarified, templates read from .qgis,
OL3 "No pen", workaround odd test WFS point layer issue
2016/03/30 1.5.0 OSM B&W basemap added , fix popups (thanks @lucacasagrande and
@walkermatt!), move templates to .qgis2, handle 2.5D lines, README updated
2016/03/21 1.4.0 OL3 layer control rewrite (thanks, @walkermatt!), OL3 point
numeric labels, README updated
2016/03/18 1.3.2 Stop 2.5d renderer altering source layer (thanks,
@nyalldawson!), OL3 non-string labels
2016/03/15 1.3.1 Change symbolForFeature() to symbolForFeature2() (thanks,
2016/03/14 1.3.0 Converted 2.5 layers (thanks, @m-kuhn and @nyalldawson!)
2016/03/09 1.2.1 2.5d OL3 shadows, OL3 point border width and colour
2016/03/04 1.2.0 2.5d OL3 render (thanks, @kekscom!), added credit to 1.1.0
changelog metadata
2016/03/04 1.1.0 ol3-layerswitcher updated (thanks, @walkermatt!), bump to
OL3.14.2, add required polyfills, expand credits, 2.5d Leaflet render (thanks,
2016/02/12 1.0.0 Leaflet JSON categorized/graduated clusters, OL3 raster
scale-dependent visibility, Leaflet unicode field aliases, refactor and fix save
settings, correct canvas-size template, tweak UI, update README
2016/02/05 1.0.0-RC3 Leaflet refactor, Openlayers bumped to 3.13.1, OL3 output
tidy, Leaflet output tidy, qgis2web attribution on maps with no basemaps,
qgis2web attribution on OL3 maps, format OL3 attribution, Leaflet rasters
missing from layers list, remove broken Leaflet Autolinker link, OL3 rasters
misprojected (thanks, @lucacasagrande!), OL3 highlight points (thanks,
@lucacasagrande!), highlight lines (thanks @lucacasagrande!), Leaflet fit to
layers with no map layers, Leaflet layers missing on map load, Leaflet
highlighted layer comes to front, fix Leaflet geocode CSS URL, fix Leaflet
clusters in layers list, handle non-ASCII project and layer names (thanks
@akbargumbira!), Leaflet categorized point layers list, updated README
2016/01/15 1.0.0-RC2 Scale-dependent visibility widget removed from GUI, README
updated, OL upgraded to 3.13.0, web inspector added, OL3 export refactored,
tests refactored, Leaflet export refactored, revert Leaflet styled rasters,
change Leaflet raster export to EPSG:3857
2016/01/15 1.0.0-RC1 LineCap and lineJoin, remove Leaflet border multiplier, OL3
line style bug, OL3 "No brush" fill bug, updated README, Gitter integration
2016/01/11 1.0.0-beta3 Non-full-screen template, save dialog size and position,
Leaflet code cleanup, prevent options horizontal scroll, Leaflet cluster error,
Leaflet rasters only with "Fit to layers", basemaps GUI altered, disable base
layers on Match CRS, 1.0.0-beta2 changelog corrected, more work for rendered
rasters (incomplete)
2016/01/05 1.0.0-beta2 Multiple basemaps, OL3 basemap attribution, OL3 missing
attribute values, template improvements, OL3 raster error, Leaflet raster error,
OL to 3.12.1, add usage instructions to README, initial work for rendered
rasters (incomplete)
2015/12/16 1.0.0-beta1 OL3 measure tool, Leaflet template, bump OL to 3.12.0,
correct Leaflet point size, Leaflet null attributes, update README
2015/12/14 0.40.0 OL3 Geolocate user, OL3 address search
2015/12/10 0.39.0 OL3 clustering (single styles only), Leaflet SVG labels, label
setting removed from GUI, GUI updated, README updated, remove 'null' labels
2015/12/08 0.38.0 OL3 "Match project CRS", OL3 exported JSON now in EPSG:4326
2015/12/04 0.37.0 OL3 remote WFS layers, fix Leaflet "Match project CRS", remove
old Leaflet custom marker code, migrate to new Travis infrastructure, remove
export tests
2015/12/02 0.36.0 Basic test suite complete, Leaflet point SVG markers,
@riccardoklinger and @volaya added to authors
2015/11/24 0.35.0 Leaflet "Delete unused fields", new icon, SVG icon source,
pipe JS errors to Python console, bump Leaflet to 0.7.7, Leaflet stacking order,
implement meaningful unit tests (suite incomplete)
2015/11/11 0.34.0 Leaflet pointToLayer error, README improvements, OL3 upgraded,
fix popup dropdown regression, internationalization improvements, code
improvements, Leaflet info popup settings
2015/11/11 0.33.0 Code improvements, complete style/geometry Leaflet tests, add
all style/geometry OL3 tests, fix OL3 fill bug
2015/11/11 0.32.0 Leaflet major code refactor, PEP8 E501 compliance, OL3 no
brush fill, Leaflet layers with no geometry, Leaflet simple polygon unit test
2015/10/22 0.31.1 Fix error retrieving layer popup setting
2015/10/22 0.31.0 Layer settings save in QGIS project, Leaflet cluster error,
collapse unselected layers, avoid legendInterface, Leaflet WFS errors, clear
layers between unit tests, further test suite development (incomplete)
2015/10/20 0.30.0 General settings save per-project
2015/10/14 0.29.0 Upgrade OL3 to 3.10.1, update and correct README, tidy README
markup, avoid readlines(), changelog typo, OL3 incorrect var name, remove old
unused Leaflet label code, OL3 point radius from QGIS
2015/10/08 0.28.0 Get "Highlight features" style, map background colour, and map
title from QGIS,  OL3 style export fails if no font-size set
2015/10/05 0.27.0 New help tab and credits, Leaflet line style, IO error
2015/10/01 0.26.0 Leaflet show popups on hover, extraneous quotes in OL3
2015/09/29 0.25.0 Leaflet pass maxZoom to basemaps, OL3 label improvements, OL3
point highlight code improvements, Leaflet highlight features, autolink OL3
property values, Leaflet WFS deduplication, Leaflet layer style code
improvements, metadata changelog typos
2015/09/23 0.24.0 OL3 popup layout improvements, OL3 label improvements, Leaflet
label improvements, Leaflet labels appear over popups, catch font marker and
vector field marker exceptions, "Highlight features" doesn't highlight points,
catch marker line exceptions
2015/09/21 0.23.3 OL3 "Highlight features" breaks "Show popups on hover"
2015/09/18 0.23.2 Leaflet "Match CRS" with "Fit to layers extent", Leaflet
"baseMaps is not defined"
2015/09/18 0.23.1 Fit to layers extent with clustering in Leaflet fixed, further
unit test work (still not complete)
2015/09/08 0.23.0 Added test data and suite of unit tests (not yet fully
functional), broken marker image in local Leaflet geolocate
2015/09/04 0.22.0 Upgrade Leaflet to 0.7.5, upgrade OL3 to 3.8.2, SVG errors,
OL3 labelling errors
2015/08/13 0.21.4 Replace hard-coded values with QGIS constants, pass preview
exceptions to preview frame, remove pluginLayers from layer list
2015/08/11 0.21.3 Fix raster/WMS regression
2015/08/10 0.21.2 Replace str() with unicode() throughout, ignore layers with no
geometry, tidy output, handle 2.5D geometries, catch exception on initial
preview, preserve layer stacking order when changing layer visibility via layer
list (thanks to https://github.com/radumas)
2015/07/17 0.21.1 Fix unbound crsProj4 error, remove legacy Leaflet legend code
2015/07/17 0.21.0 Fix crash with rule-based renderers (use first rule style for
all features), improve readme
2015/07/16 0.20.0 Leaflet legend icons for categorized/graduated layers, Leaflet
raster JS error
2015/07/15 0.19.0 Leaflet legend icons for simple symbols, disable base layer if
Match CRS selected, fixed UnboundLocalError
2015/07/15 0.18.0 jQuery removed from OL3 output, OL3 upgraded to current stable
2015/07/14 0.17.0 OL3 scale-dependent visibility fixed, default label display
corrected, Leaflet code tidied, UI simplified, map library local or CDN
2015/07/13 0.16.1 Leaflet scale-dependent visibility improvement, Leaflet
simpleline error
2015/07/10 0.16.0 Leaflet scale-dependent visibility, code improvements (PEP8
and Pylint), export icon corrected, changelog and readme updated
2015/07/09 0.15.0 UI altered, preview on plugin launch, mouse clicks in unit
tests, options enabled/disabled per output format
2015/07/07 0.14.1 Fixed export failures
2015/07/06 0.14.0 BROKEN Travis build success, minimum QGIS version 2.4
2015/06/19 0.13.7 Leaflet label default non-hover, border improvements, PEP8,
Travis integration
2015/06/19 0.13.6 Basemap fixes
2015/06/19 0.13.5 buildNonPointJSON() call failure fixed
2015/06/19 0.13.4 BROKEN Unicode error on startup fixed, Leaflet observes "Info
popup content" setting (thanks to https://github.com/marcobra and
2015/06/18 0.13.3 Leaflet style improvements: simple line opacity, graduated
point outline weight and pen style, graduated line pen style, graduated polygon
border pen style
2015/06/17 0.13.2 Leaflet point border width/line style, Leaflet categorized
polygon border width, "Fit to layers exten"t fixed, QSettings namespaced,
unicode error fixed, numeric settings now combos, UI tidied, UI labels not
2015/06/16 0.13.1 Fill style "No Brush" observed in Leaflet, border/fill
transparency decoupled in Leaflet
2015/06/16 0.13.0 Leaflet measure tool (thanks to https://github.com/boesiii),
Leaflet string handling improvements
2015/06/15 0.12.2 New mandatory metadata item added
2015/06/15 0.12.1 UNRELEASED Major regression fixed
2015/06/12 0.12.0 BROKEN Dialog settings persist, corrected typo in changelog
2015/06/08 0.11.0 Geocode user in Leaflet, Leaflet string handling improved,
export folder persists
2015/06/04 0.10.0 Leaflet address search
2015/05/26 0.9.0 Major Leaflet export code refactor
2015/05/20 0.8.0 Match project CRS in Leaflet, "Basemap: none" option,  Leaflet
observes layers list and scale bar settings
2015/05/19 0.7.0 Leaflet export code refactor
2015/05/18 0.6.2 Change default precision to 15, get alpha of fill colours
2015/05/15 0.6.1 Fix 0.6.0 OL3 regression
2015/05/15 0.6.0 BROKEN Leaflet labels, fix open in browser
2015/05/14 0.5.0 FIRST STABLE RELEASE: New logo, Leaflet full-screen
2015/05/14 0.4.3 Limit per-layer options to appropriate layer types
2015/05/13 0.4.2 Fix Leaflet styles not applied
2015/05/08 0.4.1 Fix Leaflet custom icon layers
2015/05/07 0.4.0 Leaflet layer visibility, fix Leaflet simple outline
2015/05/07 0.3.1 Fix leaflet exporting wrong layers
2015/05/05 0.3.0 Leaflet preview, Leaflet JSON minification, fix Leaflet layer
2015/05/05 0.2.3 Basemap code unified, export behaviour unified, Leaflet export
opens in browser
2015/04/27 0.2.2 New basemaps in OL3 export
2015/04/27 0.2.1 OL3 export crash
2015/04/27 0.2.0 Basemap in Leaflet export, additional basemaps from qgis2leaf,
icons fixed, toolbar icon added, QGIS menu item renamed
2015/04/25 0.1.0 Extent, precision, min/maxZoom, clustering, JSON-encode, layer
order in Leaflet export
2015/04/23 0.0.1 Initial release
June 13, 2016, 5:51 a.m.
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