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QGIS Python Plugins Repository

Version: [241] Crayfish 1.3

1.3 - New features:
- Export to raster grid
- Upload to illuvis
- New contour options: Fill above/below
- Improved load error handling
- Improved support for ASCII datasets
<p>1.2 - New features:
- Added various contouring options
- Support for QGIS legend (in QGIS >= 2.1)
- Support for BASEMENT output
- Save all layer settings to project file
- Anti-aliasing for vector results
- Change mesh color
- Give user a chance to locate mesh file for a result file
- Export raster grid (API only)
<p>1.1.1 - Bug fixes:
- Fixed bug where python exception would be generated when both contour and
vector display disabled.
- Updated identify() to mesh with changes made to the crayfish view library's
valueAtCoord function.
- Made calls to QString in identify() QGIS version agnostic.
- Added 'dummy' versions of rasterUnitsPerPixelX() and rasterUnitsPerPixelY() to
allow profiletool to function.
- Ensured layer properties window displays a sensible window title.
<p>1.1 - New features:
- Support for triangular elements
- Support for projection on-the-fly
- Rendering of the mesh as a wireframe
- Transparency for contours
- Remember dock position
- Show basic mesh metadata
- Better error reporting
- Support for 64-bit QGIS
Bug fixes:
- Paths written to project file are absolute
- Non-numeric Maximum and Minimum contour values
- Datasets can be loaded twice
- Crayfish layer makes QGIS Project file (qgs) unreadable
<p>1.0.3 - Bug fix for failure to render Quad4 elements in layers featuring
unsupported elements
<p>1.0.2 - Bug fix for AssertionError seen when updating plugin
<p>1.0.1 - Bug fixes for issues seen in 1.0:
- Resolves issue where TUFLOW tutorial model was not loaded due to unexpected
keywords in 2dm
- Reader now more robust in terms of reading unexpected items in .2dm file
<p>1.0 - Bug fixes for issues seen in 0.1:
- Support for downloading viewer library from behind proxy server
Fixes for annoying bugs:
- Error seen when unloading any non-crayfish layer.
- Layer not automatically redrawn when changing contour settings.
- Improved contour options behaviour.
- Made contours optional.
- Last rendered dataset now remembered (instead of always defaulting to bed
- Removed unnessisary warning messages.
- Fixed stacked widget in vector options (min/max line edits not displayed
- Updated styles in about page.
- Better handling of errors when loading layers.
- Fixed memory leaks.
- Fixed issue when datasets other than the first loaded do not behave as
- Ensured only a single vector options dialog can be opened.
- Added better support for handing allocation errors for huge layers.
<p>0.1 - Initial release
Nov. 13, 2014, 9:57 p.m.
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