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QGIS Style

Firefly v1.0

Firefly v1.0

Firefly Style for QGIS version 1.0

"Steal this Firefly Style Please" - John Nelson, esri

Well, don't mind if I do...

This is the classic glowing, neon firefly style commonly seen on maps with dark, desaturated background. It is based off of John Nelson's firefly style for ESRI's ArcPro.

The point styles only have one symbol layer, and a colored outer glow effect. The lines have two symbol layers, each with their own glow effect (lower layer is color and larger, upper layer is white and smaller). The polygons all have a transparent fill in them. The inner glow for the polygons are done via a shapeburst layer.

Feel free to tweak the symbols as you need.

Included are:

  • 2 Gradients: one that wraps around, and one that does not

  • 21 Points

  • 21 Lines

  • 21 Polygons

  • 21 Inner Glow Polygons

Uploaded Date
25 May 2021
Approved Date
26 May 2021
Style File

This Style is made available under the CC-0 license.

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