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True Point Pattern Fill

True Point Pattern Fill

A point pattern fill with unbroken point markers. The polygon geometry will not "clip" the point markers as long as the marker centroid intersects the polygon geometry.

As a default the style have marker interval set to "1", which is reasonable for unprojected global data. For projected data you will need to change the point interval in the geometry generator. The value is clearly shown at the generator beginning. The default point marker size is also set to "1" in map units. If you change to a more suitable projected coordinate system, the default markers may seem to disappear. Just change the marker size too.

You can change the marker symbol however you want, as long as the geometry generator is intact.

Uploaded Date
14 August 2021
Approved Date
20 August 2021
Klas Karlsson
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This Style is made available under the CC-0 license.

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