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Stifling Innovation : Brainstorm

I was recently interviewed for an article on open access to geospatial data in the City of Johannesburg. The article has been published online now for all to enjoy...

Gazing down at the Hartebeeshoek Datum

OK this is GeoNerd turf really (which I guess encapsulates you, my readers right? :-) ). Close to where I do some contract work is the HART-RAO radio observatory. The observatory is the site that was used as the basis for defining the new WGS84 based Hartebeeshoek94 Datum which replaces the out of date Cape Datum previously used as a standard in South Africa.

This week I went mountain biking in the hills above HART-RAO and snapped this piccie of the centre with my BlackBerry...

HART-RAO Home of the Hartebeeshoek Datum

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