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QGIS Python Plugins Repository

Version: [284] Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin 5.1.2

Minor update:
-fixed issue when calculating report after classification
Minor update:
-fixed issue in Band calc tool
Major update:
-added toolbar for editing raster
-fixed issue in sorting and removing bands in the Band set
-various bug fixing
Minor update:
-in Band calc tool added option to align raster output to the raster selected as
Minor update:
-interface translation to Polish (thanks to Robert Szczepanek and Jakub Pękala)
-Band calc added button to import expressions from a text file (each line an
expression) with name and expression separated by ";" such as NDVI; ( "#NIR#" -
"#RED#" ) / ( "#NIR#" + "#RED#" ) @NDVI
Minor update:
-fixed issue #14
-fixed directory creation
-fixed path issue in clip multiple raster
Minor update:
-fixed ROI creation issue
Minor update:
-fixed ROI projection issue
Minor update:
-fixed projection issue
Minor update:
-html news fixed
Minor update:
-html news are now in github.io
Minor update:
-fixed ROI creation issue whith multiband raster
-added plugin repository
-stack bandset now uses the first band name for the output
Minor update:
-changed default Sentinel-2 service https://scihub.copernicus.eu/dhus (requires
user account)
-fixed issue #12 with translations
-fixed various issues
Minor update:
-fixed various issues the prevented the start of SCP
-interface translation to Spanish (thanks to Igor F. Davalos Rojas)
Minor update:
-fixed Sentinel-2 SSL download issue
Minor update:
-fixed issue #7 when updating the plugin
-fixed issue #8 removing temporary files
Minor update:
-fixed issue when updating the plugin
-fixed QPyNullVariant issue
-disabled the button "Remove temporary files" because of crash in Windows
New version:
-new interface
-new input file (extension .scp) which is a zip file containing the shapefile
and signature list file
-possibility to create multipart ROIs (pressing CTRL + mouse click) and CTRL + Z
for removing last part
-C ID is automatically incremented after saving a ROI
-function to merge ROI polygons from table
-new Land Cover Signature classification based on the range values of spectral
-new tab for the definition of range values for Land Cover Signature
-in Landsat and Sentinel pre processing added option for calculations based on
the band set
-new tab for PCA (Principal Components Analysis) of Band set
-in Band set added options for automatic calculation of virtual raster, stack of
layers, build overviews, and Band calc expressions
-enhanced signature plot that allows for interactive definition of range values
and new navigation (pan with left click and zoom with scroll or right click)
-enhanced Band calc allowing for the use of variables "#BLUE#" , "#RED#", and
"#NIR#" in expressions
-Band calc option to use custom file names for multiple expression adding
@fileName at the end of expression
-in Band calc added Decision rules for calculating raster based on conditions
(e.g. "raster1 >0" or multiple rules separated by semicolon)
-added button for importing SCP file (polygons with automatic reprojection and
spectral signatures), CSV, and external shapefile
-direct search of Landsat images from NASA CMR Search
-new tab for search and download of ASTER images L1T  from NASA Land Processes
Distributed Active Archive Center
-new tab for conversion of ASTER images L1T
-new tab for manual raster editing
-new tab for classification sieve
-new tab for classification erosion
-new tab for classification dilation
-new tab for conversion from vector to raster (using a reference raster for
pixel alignment)
-new tab for batch processing (Landsat conversion, Sentinel conversion,  ASTER
conversion, Create band set, Classification, Split raster bands, Vector to
raster, Clip multliple rasters, Accuracy, Land Cover Change, Classification
report, Classification to vector, Reclassification, Classification sieve,
Classification erosion, Classification dilation, Edit raster using shapefile,
Band calc) and option for using a working directory (!working_dir!)
-new tab for editing RGB list
-improved settings of UL and LR points for area definition in several tabs (left
click for UL point and right click for LR point)
-added service option for Sentinel-2 download mirrors (e.g. working with
https://finhub.nsdc.fmi.fi , https://data.sentinel.zamg.ac.at)
-if available, Sentinel-2 granule preview are downloaded from the Amazon Web
Services (http://sentinel-pds.s3-website.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com)
-results of image searching are added to the previous results in the table
-improved scatter plot
-ROI size (pixels) is calculated in the Signature details
-added button for calculation of spectral distances
-clip multiple rasters using shapefile and accuracy assessment now work also if
shapefile and raster projections are different
Oct. 11, 2016, 1:07 p.m.
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