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QGIS Python Plugins Repository

Version: [284] Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin 4.3.2

Minor update:
-fixed issue with NDVI calculation of ROI cursor
Minor update:
-fixed issue with unicode character in Landsat tab
Major update:
-added support for image download of Landsat 4,5, 7 and 8
-improvements to the interface
Major update:
-added tab for download of Landsat images
Minor update:
-fixed issue when deleting ROIs if ROI shapefile was already removed
Minor update:
-fixed issue with multiple ROI creation
Minor update:
-fixed issue with signature thresholds
Major update:
-added tab for classification threshold for individual signatures
-added tab for the definition of band weight for algorithms
-tab reclassification allows for decimal values of raster
Minor update:
-fixed issue that prevented Landsat conversion of thermal bands
New version:
-new Band calculator for raster operations using NumPy functions
-new Landsat pre processing tab for editing metadata and option for creating
band set
-new option for showing / hiding previews
-new SCP menu in the main menu bar
-enhanced the Maximum Likelihood algorithm which is now considerably faster
-temporary ROI are displayed as overlay (rubber band) with a + symbol on clicked
-new option to hide and show the temporary ROIs
-in ROI dock new option for refreshing automatically the temporary ROI while
changing ROI parameters
-in ROI dock new option for automatic plot of temporary ROI
-new option for displaying over the region growing cursor vegetation indexes
such as NDVI and EVI (the latter only for images converted to reflectance)
-new function for displaying the pixel spectral signature with right click on
map using ROI pointer
-new combo box in SCP toolbar for quickly displaying RGB color composites (e.g.
RGB=432 or RGB=4,3,2 or RGB=4;3;2 or RGB=4-3-2) of input image (and automatic
creation of a virtual raster for band set)
-now the window spectral signature plot allows for the display of signature
values in table and calculation of signature distances (separability)
-new tool Split in Pre processing tab for splitting raster bands
-new tool Convert classification to vector in Post processing tab for creating a
classification shapefile
-new tool Reclassification in Post processing tab for the easy reclassification
from Class ID to Macroclass ID and Python expressions are allowed in the
definition (e.g. raster < 3)
-enhanced function Clip multiple rasters
-new reset button for resetting the signature list file
-new button in the classification dock for merging spectral signatures obtaining
a new one calculated as the average of signature values (without covariance
-now classes or macroclasses having ID = 0 are allowed and classified as 0
(unclassified) in the output which is useful for creating masks for classes
-in the signature list it is possible to set the color of multiple selected
signatures at once (pressing shift and double click on a color) and
check/uncheck all with a double click on the checkbox column (S)
-new function (right click with classification preview pointer) displays the
algorithm raster of the preview (a raster where every pixel has the value
calculated by the algorithm for the class assigned to the pixel thereof) useful
for assessing spectral signatures (black pixels are distant from the spectral
signatures and white pixels are closer to the spectral signatures)
-now a classification style (.qml file) is saved along with the classification
output allowing for displaying classification colors when loading the
classification in new qgis projects
-new buttons in tab Band set for exporting the band set to virtual raster or
stacked raster (a multi-band .tif file)
-now the signature file path is stored in the project as absolute or relative
path according to QGIS project settings
-in Settings added an option for the creation of virtual rasters for certain
temporary data (which saves disk space)
-new button in Debug for testing SCP dependencies
-several bugs corrected
Minor update:
-fixed Mac issue with GDAL subprocess
Minor update:
-fixed regression in Accuracy tab
Minor update:
-fixed bug if using non-ASCII characters for ROI information
-fixed bug during signature calculation if ROI is smaller than pixel
Minor update:
-fixed bug when clipping raster in Windows
Minor update:
-fixed bug when exporting band set
Minor update:
-added DOS conversion compatibility with Landsat images from GLCF having
-bug fixing
Major update:
-new function for the creation of random points and ROIs
-bug fixing
Minor update:
-fixed issue 11117 during the virtual raster creation
Minor update:
-fixed issue when calculating covariance matrix
Minor update:
-fixed little bug of the land cover change calculation
-new message if ROI has singular covariance matrix
Minor update:
-fixed bug during ROI creation
Minor update:
-fixed bug during classification accuracy
-fixed bug caused by the refresh of training shapefile
-changed default field names of training shapefile for consistency
-small code improvements
Minor update:
-fixed another bug with Python Subprocess and Windows 64 bit
-ask for QGIS restarting after plugin update
Minor update:
-fixed a bug with Python Subprocess and Windows 64 bit
Minor update:
-fixed some bugs when the record event log was activated
Minor update:
-fixed a bug when saving ROIs and the record event log was activated
Minor update:
-fixed a bug during ROI creation with GDAL <= 1.10
Minor update:
-fixed a bug with the accuracy assessment
New version:
-reduced dependencies (GDAL, OGR, and Python)
-required: GDAL, OGR, Python Numpy, Python SciPy, and Python Matplotlib
-several code improvements
-classification performed using spectral signatures
-classification previews are faster because performed only on selected area
-possibility to import external spectral signatures
-direct download and sampling of USGS spectral libraries
-updated interface and signature plots
Minor update:
-bug fixing (attempt to solve http://hub.qgis.org/issues/9845)
-metadata change
Major update:
-replaced several Orfeo Toolbox functions such as the region growing with GDAL,
numpy and scipy
-Orfeo Toolbox is no longer required for the plugin
-bug fixing and code improvements
Major update:
-new button for the manual drawing of ROIs
-new ID field for macroclass, which allow for the definition of a macroclass (a
group of ROIs having different class ID)
-new classification option (Use Macroclass ID), which allows the land cover
classification using the macroclass field
-new tab for the scatter plots of ROIs
-code improvements
Minor update:
-fixed a bug with the processing of the band 8 of Landsat 8 
(http://hub.qgis.org/issues/9284), which now is skipped
Minor update:
-fixed a bug with the calculation of the classification report
Minor update:
-fixed a bug with the calculation of ROI signature
Major update:
-new Pre processing tab with utilities
-Pre processing tab: clip multiple rasters at once with coordinates or
-Pre processing tab: Landsat (4, 5, 7, and 8) utility for automatic conversion
to TOA Reflectance and At-Satellite Brightness Temperature, and optionally DOS1
atmosperic correction
-Post processing tab: classification report in pixel, percentage and area
-added language checkbox for switching between English and locale (default
-Land cover change calculation now uses SAGA command changedetection
-bug fixing
Minor update:
-fixed a bug with the selection of a qml style
Minor update:
-compatibility with QGIS dev and Processing 2.0-20131029
-bugfix and code improvements
Minor update:
-small bugfix
Major update:
-added internationalization
-new language: italian
Minor update:
-added online help functionality
-bugfix and code improvements
Minor update:
Minor update:
-fix SAGA version according to Processing settings
Minor update:
-update to the new Processing framework (SEXTANTE)
Major update:
-changes to the interface, now ROI creation is a dock widget
-new option for fast ROI on one band
-new tab for multiple ROI creation from point coordinates
-new Post processing tab that allows for:
-Accuracy assessment using a vector reference ground truth (it requires GRASS)
-Land cover change calculation between two classifications (it requires GDAL)
-new option to select ROIs for classification and preview
-new option to mask a classification using a shapefile  in classification tab
-new option to create a vector classification in classification tab
-added field names customization in settings tab
-added test functions in settings tab
-version for QGIS 2.0
Minor update:
-update to new SAGA 2.1, classification codes
-version for QGIS 2.0
Minor update:
-update to new SAGA 2.1, different output of csv table
-version for QGIS 2.0
Major update:
-upgrade to QGIS 2.0 API
-version for QGIS 2.0
Major update:
-interface improvements
-new function for calculating spectral signature for ROIs (Mean and Standard
-shapefile are created with the required fields for spectral signature according
to raster bands
-added signature tab for plotting ROI signatures
-added bandset tab for creating a group of bands as input for ROI creation and
-added progress bar and cancel function
-several code enhancements
-version for QGIS 1.8
Minor update:
-minor changes to the interface
-code cleaning
Major update:
-added function to redo ROI
-added function to redo preview classification
-added function to undo save ROI
-added RAM setting
-optimization of several processes
Major update:
-plugin ported to QGIS master (revision 226c524)
-updated interface
-added a "Settings" tab
-in "Settings" added the ability to select a qml file as style for
classifications and previews
-in "Settings" added the ability to set ROI styles (colour and transparency)
-in "Settings" added the ability to activate a log function that creates a log
file (useful for reporting bugs)
-plugin is in the raster menu
-several bugs fixed and code cleaning
-Now the classes of the output classification have the same IDs of ROI classes.
-Tracker and Wiki links added.
-New function that controls the installed version of SEXTANTE (version 1.0.9 has
an issue that precludes some functionalities of the Semi-Automatic
Classification Plugin), and suggests to install version 1.0.8.
May 17, 2015, 5:37 p.m.
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